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#Capture 52 Challenge 2023 – Week 42

Week 42 – Abandoned. Buildings are the obvious go to here, but we abandon many things in life, from toys as a youngster to hobbies, habits and projects….

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Drobiazg 8/365 – filmik (klekot)


#Capture 52 Challenge 2023 – Week 1

Week 1 – In My Backyard. This year we’re going to start at home, macro, portrait, insects, flowers, the ideas are endless. Ala  

#Capture 52 Challenge 2022 – Week 52

Week 52 –Best of all Take a photo this week that combines as many of this year’s themes as you like (minimum of 3). Don’t forget to tell…

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Chmury, czyli o podążaniu za białym królikiem (filmik)

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